Tenant Eviction Service

tenant eviction service

Find out just who exactly you are renting your property to. Be Sure – Be Tenant-sure.

Unfortunately, landlords and property owners need to evict a tenant from one of their properties. There are a variety of reasons why this might need to happen, but ultimately the process must be dealt with swiftly, sensitively and appropriately, all whilst incurring as little cost as possible.

If handled improperly, the process of evicting a tenant can be a long, drawn-out and extremely costly process. As well as the cost of the eviction service, landlords unfortunately can lose hundreds or thousands on the potential earnings they could be making if the property in question was occupied. Any damages must also be paid for, so with these points in mind it is critical that the situation is resolved quickly.

Debt Collection Preston provides a free tenant eviction agency referral service, which is completely free and open to anyone, regardless of whether they are a business or private individual. This service is quick, and one of our in-house experts can recommend the best eviction agencies in Preston and Lancashire.

Each one of our award-winning partners has been hand-picked by one of our experts, and have been chosen due to their expertise, quality of service, customer ratings and low-cost.

Tenant Eviction Service – What Our Partners Offer

  • Tenant ID Verification
  • Bankruptcy & IVA Search
  • Search for CCJ’s, Enforcement Orders etc
  • Verify previous addresses
  • Provides Peace of Mind

Tenant Eviction Service

Searching for the best tenant eviction agency can often take a long time, and it can be difficult for landlords to know who to choose when presented with the vast array of options shown after a few simple internet searches.

Debt Collection Preston can recommend a list of trusted, award-winning partners who make up the ranks of the best professional eviction agencies in Preston and Lancashire.

Most of our partners provide a strategic, swift 4 steps process which involves the sending of legal notices (such as a letter of intended action or a section 21 notice), court action, and the eviction service itself.

All of this is handled by a professional agency, who has been chosen for the recognised reputation and professional ability to carry out this service.

Tenant Checking Service

In addition to providing the leading tenant eviction services in Preston and Lancashire, our partners also provide tenant check services, which help landlords vet new tenants before they accept them into their property.

This is a critical point in the letting process, as many landlords are eager to re-occupy a home following an eviction. Using a tenant checking service is the best way to lower the risk of having a similar tenant in the property after successfully resolving the first incident.

Together with the tenant eviction service in Preston, our award-winning partners offer a complete service which helps landlords maintain a secure income.

Featured Tenant Eviction Service Agency Partner

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Tenantsure can help secure possession of your property quickly. Their Simple Low-Cost Tenant Eviction service delivers results. They specialise in dealing with Fast Tenant Evictions. Their simple 4 step Tenant eviction service is Pay-As-You-Go

Tenantsure is a Professional and DIrect Tenant Eviction service. Non paying Tenants is a problem no Landlord wants. Their service is designed to keep things simple.

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