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company credit checks

Be sure about who you are offering credit to – be Creditsure.

Many businesses in Preston and Lancashire offer goods and services which can be paid for on a credit-basis, helping their clients and customers pay on terms which work best for them. Whilst this is a huge benefit to all involved, it is also important to be able to fully assess a new customer and their ability to be able to pay this credit going forward.

Company credit checks are one of the most important steps a supplier should take at the beginning of any new agreement. For many, there is no viable way to perform these checks in-house, and so the services of a company credit check agency must be utilised.

Debt Collection Preston provides a completely free company credit check agency referral service. We can recommend the leading company credit check agencies in Preston and Lancashire.

Creditsure Company Credit Checks

Regardless of whether you are offering a product or service to a business or private individual, a credit check is one of the most critical steps before confirming a sale. If this check is not performed, there is a risk that the customer or client will not be able to provide payments going forward. This is obviously something which needs to be known at the beginning of the process.

Luckily, a credit check is a quick and simple process for a dedicated agency. Each one of our award-winning partners in Preston and Lancashire can provide a fully-comprehensive credit report and analysis, which clearly shows the information you need to make a decision during a credit check.

Company Credit Checks – What Our Partners Offer

  • Credit Rating & Recommended Credit Limit
  • Full Director Listings
  • Credit History Including Outstanding and Satisfied CCJ’s
  • Company Event History
  • Provides Peace of Mind

Our industry leading partners can offer a full credit check assessment service from as little as £4.80, which also includes a credit limit proposal.

Our company credit check agency referral service is open to anyone, and is completely free. As well as benefitting from finding the best agency near you (which provides a leading, low-cost service), you will also be able to spend the time you would have been searching on a value-based task which grows your business.

Featured Company Credit Checks Agency Partner

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CreditSure is the No1 Company Credit Check Agency in the UKTheir low-cost company credit check service helps businesses across the nation.

With a professional, cost-effective service, businesses can quickly assess all credit-related matters with CreditSure.

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